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Which IT technology is on the top in market

Hello friends, I am pursuing M.C.A. last year. Here, I am just sharing my little experience and nothing. When I started to learn technology that was hard to me to decide which technology should learn and why.  There are number of technologies exist in the market, and then I tried to figure out what technology is most preferable for the employers as well as the organizations. It was not easy to me because employee can not reveal and clients want to make confidential everything about the  projects. I talked many peoples with a thought –“Where there is a will , there is a way ”.
 I got , software development is on top position in information technology in the IT market. The top and famous languages are Java, Angular js and Node js. Java is object oriented language and used to develop applications for systems as well as embedded devices such as iPod, mobile phone, tablet etc. Because of the beauty of Java it has made room everywhere across the world in IT industry. The average payroll of…